Welcome to Melissa Miller Medical Massage

“Effective outcome-driven results in less time”

Medical Massage is defined as being “outcome-based” massage treatment. Treatment is specifically directed to resolve conditions that have been diagnosed and prescribed by a physician. This means that there are specific goals that the therapist and patient agree on and work toward for a reduction in pain, increase of range of motion and the return of daily activities. The success of the treatment is defined by our (the patient and therapist) ability to meet these goals.

Although many people come to see me because they have been referred by their doctor, I also see other people because they are simply in pain and need help. If I am not billing your insurance, it is not required for you to have a prescription to see me.

Some examples of non-prescription clients I see are; runners, cyclists, people who sit at a desk all day, flutists, mothers with young children, hikers, dental hygenists, dancers, teachers– just about anyone who has an activity that is causing them discomfort. The goal is still to get you feeling better faster, but without all of the insurance paperwork.