Personal Profile

Allowing someone to work on your body is a very personal thing and sometimes it helps to get to know them personally beforehand, so here’s a bit about me…

I grew up in central Tucson, but I have spent the last 17 years in the Seattle area and just recently moved back home to Tucson after my father passed away. Being back in Tucson and close to most of my family is really quite special. I am so glad to be home!

In addition to my family here, I have three more sisters and one brother that are spread across the country. I am second to the oldest of seven kids. I absolutely love being a big sister!

The Miller family has deep roots here. My grandfather was a home builder and started building homes in an area they named Hidden Valley, my grandmother, Helen named many of the streets in Hidden Valley See article here. My grandparents also donated a piece of land now called Wes Miller Park. My uncle John Wesley Miller has been a long time home builder, contractor and solar energy innovator in Tucson.


My brother Jaret Miller is a stellar photographer, capturing images of beautiful homes and outdoor landscape. Both my sister Lexi Miller and sister-in-law Katy Miller are in the medical field, they are some of the most compassionate people I know, these are definitely the people who you want taking care of your loved ones. My cousin Kathy Miller owns and operates The Solar Store.

I am proud to be a Miller in Tucson and hope to continue the Miller reputation of adding value to this great city!

Having lived in Seattle for so long, I am a huge Seahawks fan! But I also like the Cardinals, so don’t write me off yet! : ) However, come November 9th, you can expect me to be rooting against AZ! My dad always loved this match-up and would frequently call me to have playful banter about which team was better. He too liked both teams.

I feel like I have developed a new appreciation for the things in Tucson that I once took for granted, like the sound of the turtle doves cooing in the desert heat, the vast array of wildlife (like the hummingbirds, cicadas and lizards), the smell during a monsoon storm, the lightning and … Oh! The price of gas!


I have a huge passion for animals, especially pigs. When I lived in Seattle I volunteered at Pigs Peace Sanctuary, where there were 180 rescued pigs living in bliss. Pigs are some of the smartest and most soulful animals I have ever met. When you look into the eyes of a pig you see there is so much more to them than we ever even realized. When a 900lb “farm pig” plops on his side for you to give him a belly rub, it is considered the greatest form of trust! It’s really something special– and can be quite scary at first (but I still have all my limbs). I love the little noises they make and I think it’s really cool how they develop social structures within their community.


I love cooking plant-based meals for others, sharing recipes, sightseeing, stargazing, rollerskating (yes, still), camping, connecting people and helping others– I believe we are all put on this planet to help one another and I am so gracious for the opportunity to be of service to others.